About My Sheep


We have 10 sheep in our back yard, crazy right? We have our own little flock which is made up of 4 ewe Babydoll sheep, 4 ram Babydoll sheep, and 2 ewe Khatadins. The Babydolls are where I get my wool from, we have to shear our sheep for shows and I didn't like that we just threw away the wool so I made a project out of it. We plan on growing our small flock more over the years and hopefully having a larger variety of breeds. I enjoy having sheep because they are a lot like people. Each sheep has a different attitude, and way of handling certain situations. One example of this is our firts year lambing. We had two ewes lambing and they acted completely different ways of handling their first time lambing. My ewe was very mean to her lamb and we had to seperate the two, the baby is fine and now belongs to my cousins. My sister's ewe was very calm when she had her baby. Then of course there are the rams. They  are very fun to play with as lambs but when they grow into adults you need to be very careful. Never turn your back on an adult ram, he will very likely headbut you. One way to keep the headbutting of rams to a minimum is only petting under the chin or on the body, do not pet or pat the head. These actions make the ram think you want to play and will encourage the headbutting.  A quick fun fact about Babydoll's is that it always looks like they are smiling!


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