About My Dryer Balls

If you don't know what dryer balls are then this is where you need to be. Most people don't use dryer balls but use tennis balls because they are easier to come by. Dryer balls are used to reduce static electricity in clothes. Dryer sheets have the same effect so why not use those right? Well I have your answer, dryer balls can be used for years! Just one dryer ball will last a lifetime! Of course its always nice to have backup. Not to mention there are many other uses for dryer balls those are as follows: a ball for young children, stress ball for all ages, and air freshener-just add essential oils. if you add essential oils to the dryer balls with your clothes is will add that oil to your clothes as well. This can be useful if you have an important meeting your nervous for just throw the clothes your wearing there in the dryer with a dryer ball that has lavender, stress away, or any other essential oil that helps with nervousness.


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